Producer Kumar Ramsay, oldest of 7 Ramsay siblings, dies at 85.

Mumbai, Jul 8 (PTI) Filmmaker Kumar Ramsay, known for writing the vast majority of the Ramsay Brothers’ blood and gore movies including Rishi Kapoor-starrer “Khoj”, died on Thursday because of heart failure. He was 85.

Kumar inhaled his last at his home in Hiranandani here, his oldest child Gopal told PTI.

“He died because of heart failure, today morning around 5:30 AM. He died discreetly. The memorial service will happen around 12 PM. We are trusting that the minister will show up,” Gopal said.

Kumar was the child of maker FU Ramsay and the oldest of the seven siblings.

The Ramsay Brothers, which included Keshu, Tulsi, Karan, Shyam, Gangu and Arjun, administered the frightfulness type, making low spending religion films during the 70s and the 80s.

Kumar was instrumental in prearranging a large portion of their movies, including “Purana Mandir” (1984), “Saaya” (1989), highlighting Shatrughan Sinha, and 1989 hit “Khoj”, which additionally featured Naseeruddin Shah.

He additionally delivered films like “Aur Kaun?” (1979) and “Dahshat” in 1981.

Kumar is made due by spouse Sheela and three children, Raj, Gopal and Sunil.

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