BREAKING NEWS: Delhi: 30-year-old woman choked by lover; her body unloaded in timberland region in Maidan Garhi

New Delhi: A man has purportedly killed his 30-year-old girlfriend and unloaded her body in a forested region in South Delhi. The occurrence occurred on Sunday evening.

The lady’s body was found in Maidan Garhi region. After the homicide, the charged requested that his companion advise the police about the homicide and concoct a story.

The excellent charged has been recognized as 22-year-old Anuj Kumar. He was living with the lady after his better half went to her old neighborhood during the lockdown, as per a report in Times of India.

As per police, the blamed needed to get freed for her new sweetheart get-togethers initial one got back from her old neighborhood. He then, at that point incubated an arrangement to kill her with the assistance of his companions.

While Anuj stood watch, his companions killed the lady. Police said every one of the three charged, Anuj Kumar, Ramzan Khan, and Naushad, have been captured.

“Anuj interacted with the casualty around two years prior. She absconded with him from her home in Uttam Nagar with the assistance of Ramzan. They began living respectively and furthermore got hitched in a sanctuary. Naushad and Kumar took the lady to a wilderness where Ramzan was at that point present. They then, at that point choked her and left the body there. Afterward, Ramzan called police expressing that he saw two men on a cruiser removing a lady and killing her,” the report cited Atul Thakur, DCP (South) Atul Thakur as saying.

Anuj Kumar’s first sweetheart was apparently compressing him to wed her. Anuj informed his two companions concerning this and they schemed to kill the lady.

Over the span of the examination, police investigated CCTV film of the space and addressed Ramzan who let the cat out of the bag. The police have additionally held onto the bike and dupatta utilized in the wrongdoing.

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