Students’ physical, mental wellness get more plunge

The first budget of Pinarayi government proposes to implement various action plans to alleviate the mental stress and ensure physical fitness of school students who remain confined to their houses for the last one year.

Finance minister K N Balagopal said that Covid transmission has caused various mental health problems and anxiety regarding the future in children and parents.

“A high-power commission will be constituted to examine our education system and submit a report within three months containing practical recommendations to reorganize it,” Balagopal said.

From online counselling to incorporating yoga and exercises as part of ongoing digital classes, the budget proposes a slew of measures to enhance the well-being of student. Students eill be taken to promote creativity of children, exhibit their art and craft works, and telecast selected works through KITE Victers channel.

Rs.10 crore has been earmarked for incorporating virtual reality and artificial intelligence, aimed at improving quality of digital classes. Also, 2 lakh laptops will be distributed to students in a time-bound manner through a scheme formulated by KSFE.

Acknowledging a rapid transformation towards a knowledge society is essential in Kerala. The government aims to rebuild the education system to develop the capacity for knowledge creation in the new environment.

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