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Video of Priyanka Gandhi’s argument with UP Police at Lakhimpur Kheri border emerges

Lucknow: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was on Monday morning arrested from Hargaon in the Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh while she was on her way to Lakhimpur Kheri, where eight people were reportedly killed in violence on Sunday.

A number of other opposition leaders have also been prevented from proceeding to Lakhimpur Kheri after Sunday’s incident.

When Priyanka Gandhi visited Lucknow, her convoy was stopped and the Uttar Pradesh Police surrounded Kaul House, where the Congress leader stays during her visits to the UP capital.

Priyanka then slipped out of her residence through a side gate and stepped into a waiting car. Congress leader Deependra Singh Hooda drove her to Lakhimpur Kheri.

At around 6 am on Monday, Priyanka was stopped as soon as she reached Hargaon. A small fight ensued between Priyanka and the UP Police before she demanded to see her arrest warrant. Congress’ youth wing national president Srinivas BV tweeted a video of the incident.

“I am not more important than those whom you people killed…the government you are defending. The victims were run over by a vehicle. I don’t hold any more significance than them,” Priyanka can be heard as saying in the video.

She also said, “I am not committing a crime by stepping out of the house. I just want to meet the affected families and share their grief. What wrong am I committing? And if I have done something wrong, then you (UP Police) should have an order, a warrant. You (UP Police) are stopping me, my car, but for what reason?”

Police personnel then took her into custody and brought her to the PAC office.

Leaders of the Congress, who accompanied Priyanka, protested her arrest by staging a dharna.

Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Ajay Kumar Lallu said the arrest of Priyanka proved that democracy had been extinguished from India’s political system.

“We are well within our rights to protest and we are not going to be cowed down by such repressive measures,” said Lallu.

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