Javed Akhtar gets reaction for tweet ‘contrasting’ Shah Jahan with Barack Obama, Vivek Agnihotri calls it ‘irrational’

Veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar got fiercely savaged on Twitter after he shared a tweet ‘contrasting’ previous leader of United States Barack Obama to Mughal ruler Shah Jahan.

On Monday, Akhtar tweeted: “Obama ‘s father was a Kenyan his fatherly aunties actually live in Kenya however since Obama was brought into the world in US he reserved the option to challenge the official political decision Shah Jahan was the fifth Gen in India his terrific mother n mother were Rajputni ( 75 %blood Rajput) yet they consider him an outsider.”

The tweet didn’t agree with a segment of Twitter and a few clients hammered the veteran for ‘contrasting a worker with a trespasser’.

Responding to Akhtar’s tweet, a client remarked, “Likening popular government with a severe government! Obama was acknowledged by USA as he came through the due just cycle. Individuals picked him. Be that as it may, Shahjahan wasn’t picked by individuals. He was result of a government set up by kiII***, rap*** and destruction of confidence of the locals.”

“Mr. Obama took US Presidency through Democracy…Shah Jahan and Mughals had taken the seat through Conquest and Murder. Obama served His comrades, Mughals Ruled…there is a huge contrast. Having Hindu Wives was not Love of Land, it was Divide and Rule technique,” composed a client.

Another inquired, “Did Obama and family slaughter Natives of US like the Moghuls did to Hindus?”

Bollywood producer Vivek Agnhotri likewise repeated similar assumptions and called the veteran ‘wrong’.

He tweeted, “Javed saab, you are incorrect here. Obama’s folks or ancestors didn’t attack USA. Additionally, on the off chance that you are comparing Obama with Shahjahan, Obama neither obliterated places of worship in US nor did he convert Americans to his conviction with sword. Obama wasn’t a despot. It’s nonsensical rationale.”

Last year, Javed Akhtar turned into the principal Indian to sack the Richard Dawkins Award.

The prestigious character was deliberated with the honor for his “basic reasoning, holding strict doctrine upto examination, propelling human advancement and humanist qualities.”

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