Gotten Dirty-Handed! German reporter spreads mud to show she ‘helped’ tidying up after the floods, gets sacked

Berlin: A reporter for a German news channel named Susanna Ohlen was found in the act spreading mud upon herself to show that she ‘helped’ in tidying up the wreck as Central Europe was desolated by floods in the course of the most recent couple of weeks.

On Twitter, a passerby named Eddie Graf clicked a video where Ohlen was seen from a good ways, twisting down to take some mud and put everything over herself. Then, at that point, she goes to her camera group and cog wheels up to give an account of the conditions in the result.

Susanna Ohlen is a columnist for RTL. She was in a modest community in Germany to give data about the flood-related demolition. She likewise needed to show that she aided the help work which is the reason she spread mud on herself.

In another video, she is revealing before the camera and she gets a digging tool to act like one of the assistants.

As per the Daily Mail, the news association ran the story with the feature, ‘Tidying up after the flood: RTL moderator loans some assistance in Bad Munstereifel.’

Eddie Graf’s video turned into a web sensation on the microblogging website, however on other online media stages too. Attributable to the shame, the channel terminated the 39-year-old columnist. “Our correspondent’s methodology unmistakably repudiates editorial standards and our own norms. We, consequently, gave her a time away on Monday after we found out about it,” the channel said.

Belgium and Germany are a portion of the most noticeably awful hit nations after ceaseless downpours caused gigantic floods. Till now, 196 individuals have kicked the bucket and an expected billion Euros of harm is being accounted for.

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