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Photograph of Upanishads engraved on Poland library wall turns into a web sensation

A photograph of the Upanishad stanzas engraved on the mass of a library in Poland has circulated around the web via web-based media. The late Vedic Sanskrit writings of Hindu way of thinking were engraved on the mass of the library of Warsaw University, Poland.

The image was posted by the Indian Embassy in Poland on Twitter.

“What a lovely sight!! This is a mass of Warsaw University’s library with Upanishads engraved on it. Upanishads are late vedic Sanskrit writings of Hindu way of thinking which structure the establishments of Hinduism,” the post is inscribed.

The photograph of the library of Warsaw University has turned into a web sensation via web-based media, causing desi netizens to feel pleased.

One client said, “Incredible, pleased and extremely glad to note. Entire world began perceiving Hindu Philosophy though we Indians failing to remember our incredible culture. Something must be never really intrigued especially among youthful ones.” Another expressed, “Bahar ke desho fundamental Bhartiya sanskriti/upnishado ka dil khol ke swagat kiya jaa raha.”

A third client remarked, “When the world is accepting #Hinduism, we in #India are drawn in towards Western world.” Someone inquired, “Dazzling… Would any college in India try to do this?” Yet another posted, “Adbhut hai bhartiya sanskriti ko kis prakar log apna rahe, ye uska sidha sadha udahran hai.”

Upanishads are the most established sacred texts of Hinduism and manage contemplation, reasoning and ontological information.

The Sanskrit expression Upaniṣad means “plunking down close”, alluding to the understudy plunking down close to the instructor while getting otherworldly information.

The Upanishads are likewise alluded to as Vedānta which has been deciphered as the “last sections, portions of the Veda.”

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