Women beaten with sticks by family in Madhya Pradesh

Two women get slapped, kicked, dragged by the hair and beaten with sticks by at least seven people in disturbing videos that have emerged from Madhya Pradesh.

The incident happened on June 22 and just days later the videos were shared widely on social media after which the police intervened. The young women were sent for a medical check-up and seven people, including one woman’s mother and brother, have been arrested, police said.

The brutal crime took place in Dhar district’s Pipalwa village. Videos show the women standing near a river when their cousins gang up on them and beat them up.

One woman shrieks out in pain as she is kicked and dragged by her hair while she tries to escape, videos show. One accused repeatedly thrashes her with a stick till it breaks. In another video, the woman’s mother too joins in the barbaric torture – slapping her, pulling her hair and hitting her with a slipper.

The woman was apparently then taken back to the village where the torture reportedly continued. The bruised cousins were seen sitting motionless in another video as a big crowd surrounded them.

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