He hasn’t been paying divorce settlement, has obstructed our child’s number: Raghubir’s antagonized spouse

Raghubir Yadav’s irritated spouse Purnima Kharge has claimed that the entertainer has not been paying her divorce settlement. Two or three has been isolated since 1995. The Lagaan entertainer has not reacted to the new charges yet.

Raghubir Yadav’s better half Purnima told a main every day, “Last year, there was a point where I was neglected for a very long time. This postponement thus cost me my home in Yari Road. I was unable to pay the lease on schedule and needed to confront embarrassment. From there on, I am living on credits. Likewise, I needed to contract my gold. This year as well, I went neglected for a very long time. Two months under the watchful eye of the date in court, I was given ₹80,000 which was for a very long time.”

Then again, Raghubir Yadav’s legal counselor Shalini Devi told the every day that Purnima has been requesting an “excessive sum” which is the reason the support case keeps on being hauled after so long. “Raghubir is 71 and Purnima ought to rather comprehend,” the legal advisor added.

Purnima, documented their separation request in Mumbai last year – following 15 years of partition. She additionally blamed him for infidelity and renunciation. She is a previous Kathak artist and furthermore has a 30-year-old child with Raghuvir.

Purnima and Raghuvir got hitched in 1988 and have been living independently since 1995. In her separation request, she had asserted that she quit her profession as a global Kathak artist to remain by the entertainer while he battled in the entertainment world for a superior position. She added that he “abandoned her for different ladies in the wake of turning into an effective entertainer”, a Mumbai Mirror report had said last year.

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