Jeff Bezos needs to move ‘all contaminating industry’ into space to keep Earth clean

Recently printed space traveler Jeff Bezos said Tuesday that the whole “dirtying industry” should be moved into space to safeguard the Earth.

“We need to take all hefty industry, all dirtying industry, and move it into space. Also, keep Earth as this wonderful jewel of a planet that it is,” the Amazon author said during a meeting with MSNBC following his speedy excursion to space and back on board Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

The extremely rich person money manager clarified that the enormous endeavor would “require a very long time to accomplish, yet you need to begin. Also, large things start with little advances.”

Bezos – who is the richest individual on Earth – said his sub-orbital trip to the edge of room built up his longing to battle environmental change.

“We live on this lovely planet. You can’t envision how slight the air is the point at which you see it from space,” said Bezos. “We live in it, and it looks so enormous. It seems like, you know, this environment is immense and we can ignore it and treat it ineffectively. At the point when you get up there and you see it, you perceive how small it is and how delicate it is.”

Going to space, Bezos said, “builds up my obligation to environmental change, to the climate.”

Bezos impacted into space Tuesday morning on his rocket organization’s first traveler trip alongside his more youthful sibling, Mark, veteran pilot Wally Funk, and Dutch high schooler Oliver Daemen.

The excursion to the edge of room kept going around 11 minutes.

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